Cellular Health

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We offer many products that improve cellular health. These products help:
• maintain intercellular integrity
• provide intercellular antioxidant protection
• increase assimilation of water and nutrients into cells
• promote normal cell growth, and DNA synthesis, thereby improving the quality of DNA and RNA
• eliminate cellular waste material (cellular detoxification)
• promote normal cellular respiration (energy protection of the cell)
• prevent cellular breakdown from destructive molecules
• protect cells from oxidative stress
• improve cellular oxygen
• strengthen the outer membranes of cells
• create new vital elements and new normal cells
• eliminate older, less efficient, and lethargic cells.
• promote younger, more efficient cells, producing more energy and more adequately performing their necessary life functions.

This grouping of products differs from the Cantron ’Total Wellness Program.’ It contains all products MRP offers which can improve cellular health; whereas, the Wellness Program is a targeted approach for serious health challenges caused by poor cellular health.