Do you ever wonder why do some people survive during pandemics or germ warfare when others die? Could it be true that a more powerful immune system will help against such attacks while those who are immune compromised have little or no chance for survival?

Company president, Jerome Godin offers some very impor tant advice as to how to protect against such attacks, bolster the body’s own body’s own natural defenses against viruses, and germs, including exposure to biological and germ warfare agents. In this short article he recommends developing a super immune system to be fully prepared for all situations and outbreaks.

He explains how a more powerful immune system will not only help one survive during such an attack, but how the incubation period could be delayed which would give persons a longer time to receive a vaccine, antibiotic or other standard treatment. With a fully functioning immune system symptoms and degree of infection may also be diminished which may help standard treatment to be more effective in cases where it is administered after the appearance of symptoms.

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