Our Wellness Philosophy

Defining Our Philosophy

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Achieving ‘Wellness’ for our clients is the paramount goal of Medical Research Products. With this philosophy in mind we make Cantron, G-H3, Dr. Willard’s Water and many other fabulous nutritional products available as integral parts of our ‘Total Wellness’ program.

“Wish not so much to live long as to live well.”
– ​Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1738

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a state of dynamic balance in the body where illness simply can not exist. This self evident axiom holds true that “In perfect balance, there can be no disease.” When it is in balance, the human body is a magnificent machine that constantly repairs itself from damage, foreign invaders and mutant cells. Conversely, when the body is out of balance, a host of possible diseases can and usually does occur.

No one can argue that conventional procedures such as the utilization of surgery and drugs are important in times of crisis or to manage pain. However, these procedures are usually temporary palliative solutions and are not curative, except in some cases like infections where antibiotics are prescribed.

Surgery and/or drugs are undeniably important in managing certain illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension or cancer-just to name a few- but in most instances are not curative. If it was so, then foundations soliciting donations for research to find the cure for these maladies would not exist.

After decades of research and billions of dollars expended, have you ever asked yourself why these foundations are not any closer to a cure?

In my view, the answer is simple. Orthodox medical researchers are not utilizing the correct approach. They are looking for ‘magic bullet’ types of drugs when the only way that chronic illnesses can be reversed is when the body is able to heal itself by the dynamic processes which were created by nature.

Based on this premise, my ‘Wellness’ approach is designed to support and bolster the body’s own dynamic healing processes. Once the imbalances or chemical deficiencies in the human organism are corrected, a person’s many illnesses may either disappear or greatly diminish. It is no co-incidence that an out of balance organism is usually afflicted with a multitude of simultaneous maladies and that most or all of the maladies are ameliorated when a successful ‘Wellness’ program is undertaken.

Our ‘Wellness Programs’ are not to be used in lieu of conventional treatments but as an adjunct to them. The integration of orthodox medicine with a powerful wellness program is -in my opinion – the optimum way to deal with health conflicts.

All products offered by Medical Research Products are natural ‘Wellness’ formulas. They are not drugs. They do not act on specific receptors like drugs. They do not have any significant side effects (if any at all) like drugs. They are not toxic or invasive like drugs.

No medical claims are made for the cure or mitigation of any disease which by definition would turn any substance- even water- into a drug. Please do not ask us to make any unauthorized medical claims.

“Your Wellness is our Business”