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These in-vitro studies on 13 different cancer cell lines conducted under the auspices of the Josephine Ford Cancer Center, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI proved that contrary to the NCI studies, “Cantron® has in-vitro anticancer activity as well as anticancer therapeutic potential.” Further study to determine any in vivo therapeutic effects in tumor bearing models need to be performed according to the research team. It should be pointed out that a difference between the exposure duration (5 days) and that of NCI (2 days) is likely the basis for the significant difference in Cantron® activity reported. These studies confirm that the developer of Cantron®, Jim Sheridan was correct in his assessment that the slower acting and less toxic Cantron material needed to be tested in a 5-7 day paradigm, not the paradigm designed for toxic chemotherapeutic agents that the NCI invariably uses in their studies.


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