By Jerome Godin, president Medical Research Products


 Every day our office is asked to explain the difference between *Entelev, *Cancell and our own Cantron. In addition, there has been a campaign of revisionist history regarding the true origins of Cantron and *Cancell.

Jerome Godin
President and founder of Medical Research Products


As a result, there have been many erroneous statements spread throughout the rumor mill. This is most unfortunate. Therefore, in the interest of preserving the true history, I am providing readers with the factual accounts as I personally experienced them.



*Entelev is the original formula of James V. Sheridan, a chemist and researcher from Michigan. He developed the concept for his formulation in 1936, commenced animal studies in the late 40’s, attempted to undergo clinical trials in the 50’s while working for the Michigan Cancer Institute, and in the early 60’s, he conducted further research while working with Battelle Laboratories (the testing center for the National Cancer Institute). Between 1974 and 1983 Mr. Sheridan gave the formula away free of charge to over one thousand people.
In 1983, Jim felt defeated. He had worked with the formula for 47 years and it became apparent that he was never going to accomplish his goal of getting the formula accepted by the scientific community and made available to the general public, despite being armed with impressive research studies on animals and anecdotal evidence on humans. In May of 1983, the FDA had effectively stopped his free distribution by serving him with a cease-and-desist order. This caused great consternation for Mr. Sheridan. Many people who were dependent on this formula called him in frantic states and begged him to make the formula available. Jim’s mistake was that he made medical claims for this product, which were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In the United States no one can make a claim for the prevention, cure, or mitigation of any disease unless clinical trials are conducted under FDA auspices and the claims are approved. Jim also had no tolerance for complying with rigid drug manufacturing procedures that the FDA demanded. This is when Don Wilson came into the picture. He came to the rescue of Jim Sheridan and his *Entelev project.

James V. Sheridan

Developer of *Entelev/Cantron/ *Cancell








Don Wilson and the advent of Cantron

Don Wilson was an author, lecturer, promoter and schoolteacher. In 1978, Don read a book I authored, “G-H3 Discovery,” and was impressed with the subject. He wrote a complimentary letter, which I responded to. We began communicating regularly and shortly afterward he assisted me in promoting G-H3 (also known as Gerovital H3), a highly controversial product at that time.


Don Wilson
Author and Promoter.
Father of Cantron & *Cancell

Don gave a lecture at an Anti-Aging symposium that I promoted in 1981 in Miami Beach. This is when we became very good friends. We shared the same goals in life – a strong desire to help alleviate human suffering, to lobby for health freedoms and to promote innovative health products. Don was a straightforward, honest and intelligent person and we developed a trusting business relationship which operated on a handshake agreement. He was a wonderful family man and had a wonderful wife and children. I am proud to call him my eternal friend. Although he has passed away – and I miss him dearly – I feel him close in spirit.

In early 1983, Mr. Wilson began working on a book about *Entelev, and as a result he was in regular contact with Mr. Sheridan. In May of 1983, Don informed me by letter that Sheridan and his technician provided him with the entire manufacturing procedure for *Entelev in order to preserve it for the world in case anything were to happen to them (they were both elderly gentlemen). Don could not have foreseen that Sheridan’s distribution would come to an end so abruptly afterward. Just two weeks after Don obtained the formula, the FDA issued a cease-and-desist order.

In July of 1983, Channel 4 News in Detroit (WDIV) taped a two-part segment about *Entelev in Don Wilson’s home. Other *Entelev users were in attendance and were interviewed. Don was unhappy about these segments as he believed that this coverage did not portray the truth about *Entelev and Sheridan. The story, however, did highlight the fact that the *Entelev was now prohibited -and in great demand by former users.

Immediately after the cease-and-desist order was issued, Jim and Don were trying to find some way to make the formula permanently available to the world. Originally, they decided to publish the manufacturing procedure for *Entelev in Don’s book so that everyone would have access to this treatment. Realizing afterward that this was a very bad idea, because the manufacture is complicated and dangerous, and quality control would be very poor, Don came up with another idea. Around August of 1983, Don recommended my services to Mr. Sheridan. He instructed Jim that I was someone who would find a legal way to provide *Entelev to all the desperate people who desired it and as the person who could help fulfill his objective to make this product available to the entire world. This recommendation was based on my successful marketing of other innovative products, because of my passion towards the cause of health freedom in this country and because of my ability to use my contacts to research and internationally distribute this product from another country (the Bahamas).

After gaining tentative approval from Mr. Sheridan, Don contacted me about distributing the *Entelev formula in a proposed joint effort similar to the one we had with our G-H3 project. I was very reluctant at first because of the precarious ramifications I was sure to encounter with this highly controversial product. But Don was persistent. He eventually convinced me that I had to partake in this project for the good of mankind. If Don had not been so persuasive, I believe that *Entelev would just be a footnote in history and all of Mr. Sheridan’s dedicated work would have been in vain. Those who presently believe in this product and those who have been helped by it owe a great deal of gratitude to this wonderful man.

Because Mr. Sheridan requested that we keep the price affordable to all people, the price of $170.00 for a 32-ounce bottle was agreed upon. Mr. Sheridan refused to receive any financial remuneration, whatsoever, despite my insistence.

His response, which was relayed through Don Wilson, was that this formula was a gift from the creator to all his children, therefore, he could not accept any monetary gain. For 18 years afterward, we did not raise the price of Cantron despite greatly increased overhead and production costs until our slight increase to $190.00 in March 2002 and to $199.00 in January 2020.

Mr. Wilson and I were originally going to sell the product under the name Entelev; however, for strategic reasons we renamed it and selected Cantron as our brand name. Originally, we were to distribute the product throughout the world and import it into the United States as a drug (instead of a dietary supplement) from the Bahamas utilizing some new US import laws which were to take effect. We were also going to conduct scientific research on the product in the Bahamas with the ultimate goal of obtaining approval in that country and FDA approval afterwards. Don met me in the Bahamas in February of 1984. We talked to a prominent Bahamian physician regarding the design and implementation of a protocol for clinical trials on Sheridan’s *Entelev, which Mr. Sheridan would manufacture and provide for the study. After returning from the Bahamas, Don Wilson relayed the information from our trip to Mr. Sheridan.

In March of 1984, an article on *Entelev, entitled “Hope on a Hot Plate,” was published in the Detroit Monthly Magazine. The author, Micheal Wendland wrote this about Don Wilson; “Don Wilson, a Plymouth history teacher is Sheridan’s most vocal and persistent defender…. He could be a minister in the pulpit, however, he describes himself as a ‘missionary’ for Sheridan.” Although this portrayal of Don Wilson was correct, both Sheridan and Wilson were very unhappy with this article. They believed they were misquoted and that it contained several inaccuracies.


Shortly after our successful meeting in the Bahamas, which pleased ‘The Chief’ (our affectionate term for Mr. Sheridan), I was finally provided with the entire *Entelev technology (after 7 months of discussing this project). Don immediately obtained the volunteer services of a friend who was a chemist, Professor Orville (Orz) Feather.
Orville Feather
Chemical Engineer & Inventor. He helped develop Cantron & *Cancell

Orz agreed to speak with Mr. Sheridan on our behalf and to help us manufacture the formula. I was informed that Mr. Sheridan spoke with Orz and liked him very much. He gave Don the approval for Orz to assist us in the complicated task of synthesizing this formula. We agreed that it would be best if I hired a local consulting chemist whereby Orz could talk chemist to chemist. This would ensure that a high-quality product would be produced. My chemist was furnished with the entire 8-page manufacturing procedure in early March 1984.

Orz was in constant contact with ‘The Chief’ regarding the manufacturing procedures and subsequently produced his first batch. He passed this information on to my local chemist who continued to study the manufacturing process in great detail. A great stumbling block in producing the formula, as far as we were concerned, was the first stage of the manufacturing process which created a voluminous amount of thick toxic fumes. Orz and my local chemist were working on developing a diffusion system which would capture and neutralize the acidic fumes, but it was an extremely complicated system.

Before we made our first batch of Cantron, Don invited me to his home in Michigan to meet Professor Feather. When I arrived at Mr. Wilson’s home on July 27th, 1984 to meet Orz, I was surprised to find not one, but two chemists present, Orz and Ed Sopcak. Don told me that Orz brought Ed along to help with our project. He heard about Jim Sheridan’s work and was extremely interested in working with us. Being a brilliant metallurgist, Ed was particularly fascinated by the bio-electrical chemistry of the formulation. Ed was also highly qualified to help us with the fume diffusion system we were attempting to develop.

In front of both men, Don stated that, Mr. Sheridan also approved Ed for our project after speaking with him by telephone, and that Ed was also furnished with a copy of the formula. Both scientists acknowledged the fact that they had indeed spoke with Jim Sheridan by phone regarding their assistance in making this product for our venture. Both men expressed their desire to help as volunteers for the good of mankind and just like Sheridan, they informed me that they did not want to receive any form of financial remuneration for their efforts.

After returning to my office in Miami, my consulting chemist was now speaking to both Orz and Ed regarding the manufacturing process and the fume diffusion system. Orz and Ed regularly consulted Mr. Sheridan during these discussions and on our behalf, they passed questions and answers back and forth.

As a practical matter it was eventually decided that Ed Sopcak would make the first stage of the formula for us which would eliminate the need for creating the special fume diffusion system. Our office was located in the city; but Ed lived in the country where he was able to make the first step outdoors without need of the diffusion system. In August of 1984, five months after we first began studying the manufacturing process, we successfully completed our first batch with Sopcak’s help. We manufactured only the finishing stages up until 1994 until we finally developed the fume diffusion system and began manufacturing the entire formula.

Advent of *Cancell


At the meeting in Don’s house, both chemists asked if I would mind if they made a small amount of the product outside of our business venture to give to a few select people in their circle. I did not object. I could not have imagined it at that time, but this became the advent of *Cancell. As Orz and Ed began making this formula for a small circle of people, the word spread fast. Ed began getting many requests for the formula. In June or July of 1985, almost 2 years after the Cantron project was conceived in the summer of 1983, Ed came to the decision to give the formula he distributed its own brand name. He chose the name *Cancell and continued giving it away free of charge until 1992 when a federal judge cited him for contempt of a 1989 permanent injunction which ordered him to cease-and-desist from making or distributing *Cancell.

While Ed was distributing his own *Cancell, he continued to make the first  stage of Cantron for my company. Many people have the incorrect belief that the name *Cancell has been changed to Cantron. The fact is that the name Cantron existed well before *Cancell. The Cantron project was conceived in July or August of 1983, long before Ed Sopcak was ever introduced to Don Wilson in July 1984 or before he named the *Cancell product in June or July of 1985.

The original *Cancell was based on the same dark liquid formulation of James Sheridan, however, in 1991-1992 after almost 8 years of making and giving away an estimated 30,000 bottles of *Cancell, Mr. Sopcak made a radical departure by producing a clear product which was a chemical free solution. Confusion had been caused because Mr. Sopcak originally referred to this new formula as Clear *Cancell. Later the clear product became known as Quantrol. The older formula became known as Dark *Cancell. *Cancell or Quantrol is not presently being distributed anywhere in the world as they are subject to a federal permanent injunction.

The greatest difference between the 3 different parties who distributed this formula is that *Entelev and *Cancell were distributed utilizing unapproved drug claims. Our company does not endorse any of the medical claims that have been made for either *Entelev or *Cancell. Such claims have never been proven to the satisfaction of the FDA and are expressly prohibited by Federal Law. Please read our Wellness philosophy and our Cantron literature in order to learn more about its intended use.



Ed Sopcak
Chemical Metallurgist
Helped produce Cantron and founded *Cancell



Are *Entelev, Cantron and Dark *Cancell the exact same formulas?

Entelev formula has always undergone evolutionary change in the interest of improving it. The formula Mr. Sheridan used in the 40’s had been dramatically improved by the time we received his 1984 version.

After receiving the current version of Mr. Sheridan’s *Entelev in March 84, he made yet another modification in August 1984, which was relayed to my consulting chemist by Ed Sopcak. About the same time, Ed and Orz made a modification of their own to the manufacturing process. They did this only after consulting with and getting approval from ‘The Chief”. This Sopcak/Feather modification to the manufacturing process is the one we used in our Cantron product until 1999 and is the same formula that was used in the *Cancell product as well.

Many years later (1990 -1991) Ed claimed that his dark *Cancell became slightly different than Cantron because he experimented with imparting vibrational frequencies into his formula at the end stage of the manufacturing process. This caused additional confusion. Upon questioning him in a private audio-taped meeting, Ed clarified to me that both formulas were chemically identical, only that the vibrational frequencies were different because of his manipulation of energy fields. There were never any scientific studies provided which proved the value of this metaphysical change; and I did not adopt it in the Cantron formulation.

In 1999 we learned that the Sopcak/Feather version of Cantron that we were using produced a  lower amount of an important ingredient which helped lower cellular voltage than the original Sheridan formula which we received in 1984. Although Ed and I were receiving fabulous results with the Sopcak/Feather version for many years; nevertheless, I decided to revert to the original 1984 *Entelev formula. This is because I had developed a greater awareness of the importance of this particular ingredient after studying Don Wilson’s book manuscript and Jim Sheridan scientific papers in great detail. In August 1999, an improved method was discovered to produce even higher quantities of this important ingredient. We call this our New Millennium version of Cantron. It works slightly faster and is slightly more effective than all previous versions of liquid Cantron.

Advent of the Cantron Freeze-Dried Capsules with the New Advanced Scientific Version!

As a co-founder of Cantron, I have continuously strived to improve the formulation and have made a personal vow to never rest until 100% of all users receive complete wellness-a state in which illness cannot exist. In the 2000s, a great deal of costly research and analysis was conducted on Cantron. Private chemists hired by MRP and scientists who worked at the Josephine Ford Cancer Research Center in Detroit, Michigan evaluated each ingredient in Cantron and found which ingredients were most effective. As a result, a more potent formula with higher concentrations of each ingredient and higher ratios of the most important ingredients was developed. This came to be known as the Advanced Scientific Version or ASV! The new improved formulation came as-a-result of eight long years of intense scientific research and analysis of present and past formulations. The ASV formula has off the charts antioxidant scores as compared to all previous versions of the Sheridan’s formula.

However, the new formula was too concentrated to be offered in an oral liquid. Therefore, it was freeze-dried at the recommendation of the scientists who were involved in the research. The ASV liquid is manufactured and then lyophilized. All the active ingredients remain intact- only water is removed.   In the year 2008, twenty-five years after the advent of the Cantron liquid, Cantron became available in pill-form for the very first time.  Many of the people who believed in effectiveness of the Cantron liquid were afraid to switch to capsules because of the belief that capsules do not absorb as well as liquids. This was especially true for Andy Johnson of the H.O.P.E. Group (Cantron support group).  But once Andy and the others discovered that one dose of a Cantron capsule has three times more active ingredient then one dose of liquid they changed their tune. In fact, Andy has been recommending the Cantron ASV capsules since 2009. Having said that, persons taking either version continue to report fabulous results to their health condition.

Medical Research Products is continually committed to advancing the technology and improving upon the original *Entelev formula just as ‘The Chief’ and Ed Sopcak have always done. We will not be satisfied in our efforts until every single person who takes Cantron receives the desired results regarding their health condition.


Unfounded Rumors and the Advent of Protocel

In late 1999, an ex-employee, a prior Cantron customer, and others conspired to form Protocel, a ‘knock off’ of the Cantron formula. I will not go into all the sordid details of their actions other than reporting that they launched their product based upon a smear campaign against Cantron and its two founders. Because of civil litigation against my ex-employee who was prohibited from making my formula, his co-conspirators approached the children of Jim Sheridan who agreed to license their endeavor for a 7% royalty of all Protocel sales. This of course is in stark contrast to their father who refused any financial compensation for the formulation. The Apples have fallen very far away from the tree!

In April of 2000, sixteen years after we manufactured our first batch of Cantron, Protocel was launched. They came out with a version called P-22 and they called it the original Entelev formula. That formula was ineffective, so they came out a brand new original Entelev version called formula 23 which is similar to our new Millennium formula but slightly less concentrated and three times more expensive. Then they came out with version 50 which they claimed to be the Cancell version (the Feathers- Sopcak version which we used from 1984 to late 1999). They charge even more money for the 50 formula. Our analysis shows that their formula 23 is the very same as their formula 50. The results of the formula 23 and formula 50 in our antioxidant studies show virtually the same results, therefore, they are virtually the same chemical formulation. Protocel is not able to produce our patented freeze-dried capsules or our advanced scientific version.

They purposefully spread rumors that Mr. Sheridan did not have any knowledge about Don Wilson providing me with the *Entelev technology; furthermore, that he was unhappy about not receiving a royalty from the sales of Cantron. Anyone who reads anything about Mr. Sheridan should know that he never wanted to make any money from *Entelev, therefore, these accusations are absurd on their face. These unfounded rumors are spread by those who grossly distort the real facts. Not only did Don Wilson explain our joint venture at length with Mr. Sheridan during a period of one year, but afterward, as previously illustrated in this article, Professor Orz Feather and Ed Sopcak also conferred with Mr. Sheridan regularly on our behalf. Orz Feather wrote letters to my chemist and myself, outlining his conversations with Sheridan, including one letter entitled, “Questions and Answers from the Chief.” This letter served to answer complicated scientific questions posed by my local chemist to Mr. Sheridan and is proof positive that he was not only aware of my Cantron enterprise but was deeply involved with helping us as well.

Although it has been falsely reported that Mr. Sheridan never spoke to me in the 1980s and that he did not even know who I was, the real fact is that Mr. Sheridan took the initiative to call me 4 times, once in 1985, and three times in 1986.  The first time he called in 1985 he went on to talk to me about the history of this project, his research, and what the best ratios of the formula were. I took notes from this conversation. In 1986 I was not in when he called the first time. A written message from the phone operator (which I have saved) stated that he wanted to test my formula. Before I was able to return the call, Mr. Sheridan called me back. His opening response was, “How is my formula working down there in the Bahamas?” I had to explain to him that I no longer worked out of the Bahamas, and that we weren’t able to conduct research Cantron there as originally planned. Jim asked me to send him some Cantron for his analysis and my sales literature for his review. I sent both items to the address he furnished me. Sometime later in the year, he called me back regarding another issue. I spoke about Don Wilson in this phone call. I also asked Mr. Sheridan if he desired any money. He answered in the negative. I asked him about his children and he got slightly agitated and further stated that they had their own lives and were not involved in any way.

It should also be noted that I met with Mr. Sheridan in 1993, and he was very cordial to me and spoke fondly of Don Wilson. Furthermore, for many years during the 1990s, Mr. Sheridan attended many meetings of the H.O.P.E. Group (in fact, he was a member, himself) where they talked about the benefits of Cantron. Those who were present swear that he regularly referred to Cantron as his product. Certainly, based on these many facts, a reasonable person would have to conclude that Mr. Sheridan was well aware of me and my connection to Don Wilson; and likewise, that he never wished to receive a royalty from me.

Rather than debunking each falsehood fabricated by this group, I decided to just tell the true history as I witnessed it- the only living witness to the true history. Anything to the contrary would be a patent falsehood or fabrication. In time I will thoroughly debunk and disprove all these disgraceful rumors created by the Protocel people. I trust that this information will help put an end to these unfounded rumors and other unfounded rumors that have been purposefully spread throughout the grapevine. The real fact is that the Cantron project was always blessed by “The Chief.”

“*Entelev” is a registered trademark of Ella, Inc., which was filed in October of 2002. As used in this website, “*Entelev” does not refer to any product made by Ella, Inc., but to the original *Entelev Formula developed by James Sheridan who stopped distributing his *Entelev product in 1983, just prior to turning over the formulation to Don Wilson, an associate of of Jerome Godin and Medical Research Products.

“*Cancell” is a registered Trademark of Mary Sahs and Susan Sopcak, which was filed in May of 2001. As used in this website, “*Cancell” does not refer to any product made by Mary Sahs or Susan Sopcak, but to the original *Cancell formulation that was manufactured and distributed by Ed Sopcak after he received the manufacturing instructions from Don Wilson, an associate of Jerome Godin and Medical Research Products, for assisting in the initial development and manufacture of the Cantron Product. Mr. Sopcak ceased distribution of his original *Cancell formulation in 1992, but continued to work with Medical Research Products for many years afterwards.

Cantron is offered only as a dietary supplement, specifically for its electrolyte and antioxidant properties as well as for its role in the cellular respiration system. Cantron is not intended for, nor should it be used in the cure, prevention or mitigation of any disease.