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Brand New Website and Exciting New Products!

GH-3 The "Vitality" Vitamin

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the highly assimilable oral liquid G-H3 which absorbs much better than tablets or capsules.

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Fantastic New Products and product categories!!!

ZQ Immune (Natural Viral Defense Protocol), Mild Silver Protein, Improved Colostrum and Authentic Cantron in the New Capsule Form

  1. We created the ideal supplement for today’s trying times! ZQ IMMUNE, consisting of QUININE BARK, ZINC PLUS COPPER, is the perfect protocol to support the immune system’s natural viral defenses. It can be taken alone or as the lead product in our  viral defense protocol.  For ultimate protection, buy it for yourself, friends, co-workers and family members!
  2. Our unique Mild Silver Protein COLLOIDAL SILVER is vastly  superior to other colloidal silver products on the market. Protein is used as a carrier for easy body absorption and easy silver particle release as the body absorbs the protein. Compare our silver concentration of 1,100 PPM to other products on the market that contain only 10-30 PPM.
  3. Improved: Our Bovine Colostrum has been upgraded from 40 % to 60% Immunoglobulins! Highest Grade Available!
  4. It has been 15 years since we launched our Cantron ASV freeze-dried capsules. Even though it has been an outstanding success for 15 years, we still think of it as a brand-new product. Cantron has been available in the liquid form since 1984 and 24 years later we developed the freeze-dried capsules. We have not raised the price since that day and we still offer the same promotion that we did on the original launch day, that is, buy 4 bottles for the virtual cost of purchasing 3 bottles.
  5. What’s New? How about our brand-new website? Let us know how you like it. With the new website you can now purchase by product or by product category. Pay attention to our special launch promotion. Purchase $500 worth of products and get 10% off for a limited time only.
  6. If you have received positive results from our products why not leave a review? This way you can help other people achieve the same positive results that you have experienced. Just go to one of our product pages, scroll down until you see review section and tell people your full story. Thank you and be Well! Jerome Godin, president