Regeneration Hair Lotion, 8 FL OZ SPRAY BOTTLE


The Perfect Solution for Thinning Hair

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What Causes Thinning Hair?

Male hormones disrupt normal functioning of hair follicles in two ways:

(1) by causing follicles to become continually shorter, resulting in shorter, thinner hairs and

(2) by accumulating in and clogging hair follicles which prohibit hair shafts from coming through. Women may also suffer from this condition.

Scientific Research Study

Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland were using a standard, safe emulsifier -polysorbate -to clean scalps of skin cancer patients when the unexpected happened. Balding patients grew hair. A subsequent study reported some new hair growth in 80% of subjects tested after using it for one year. Polysorbate dissolved male hormones from the scalp and restored normal functioning of hair follicles.


To insure even greater results, Regeneration Hair Products contains other essential ingredients which (1) release histamine (a factor necessary for cell growth and reproduction), (2) increase blood circulation to the scalp and (3) provide vital nutrients to the follicles.


Regeneration hair care products can be used to clean and prepare the scalp for other hair growth products including prescription formulas; and therefore may aid in their absorption into the hair follicles. Therefore, it can be used alone or as the perfect complementary product as well.


Regeneration Hair Lotion and Shampoo are the main products as they contain the high quantities of polysorbate and other important hair stimulating ingredients. Regeneration Conditioner is designed to complement and enhance the lotion and prevent use of other hair products which may be counterproductive.


Discussion: We do not guarantee that Regeneration Hair Products will work for everyone. From our long term observation, this system does not grow significant hair  on persons with strict male pattern baldness- usually just peach fuzz. It does however work on a percentage of individuals with other forms of thinning hair. More importantly, Regeneration is extremely valuable as an adjunct to enhance the effectiveness of other hair growth treatments including pharmaceuticals like minoxidil (Rogaine/Keranique), Finasteride (Propecia), laser or electrical stimulation therapy, or other nutraceuticals products such as Viviscal, Rice Bran and MSM. Because it unclogs hair follicles, releases histamine, increases circulation and nutrients to the scalp, Regeneration sets the stage to potentiate other treatments. Combined treatments may in fact be the most effective way to deal with male pattern baldness.


There are satisfied customers with who report substantial reduction in hair loss and new hair growth within 12 weeks using Regeneration alone (non-male pattern baldness). Growth usually starts in areas where hair loss is most recent, then eventually other spots begin to fill in. One should not expect 100% re-growth, about 60% is normal in those who receive results. It is important to note that in the studies at the University of Helsinki patients used the main active ingredient for one year, so patience is needed. This amount of regrowth can gift you with a new, more attractive appearance.

G-H3 and MSM taken orally may also stimulate hair growth and would be important adjuncts to Regeneration Hair Care Products.

 G-H3 (Gerovital H3), 32 FL OZ Liquid

MSM, 1000 mg, 120 Capsules

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