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Message From Jerome Godin, President


I am proud to introduce   the Youthlabs Age Reversal System. Now it is possible to rejuvenate and restore your skin to a more youthful state.


Raynee Ashman Steele

If you are middle-aged or older, like me, chances are that you will remember the “Dean Martin Show” and his lovely dancers known as “The Golddiggers.” The Youthlabs skin care line was created by the still beautiful Golddigger dancer, Raynee Ashman Steele who is about to celebrate her 78th birthday.

Circulation Enhancing Benefits of G-H3 Included

I have been involved with Professor Aslan’s G-H3 formula since 1978 when I wrote the book “G-H3 Discovery” and I strongly believe that the best way to preserve and restore one’s own youthful appearance is internal as well as external use of this circulation enhancing nutrient.

Another reason I endorse this fabulous line is Raynee herself. At a cosmetic convention, people made Raynee produce her driver’s license because they did not believe her true age. Her skin, in fact, is that of a much younger woman. Her skin tone and complexion is magnificent. She has beautiful rosy cheeks. What does she attribute this phenomenon to? Regular use of our G-H3 oral liquid along with her own skin care formulations.

All the ingredients in Youth Labs Skin Care Line are natural and nurture the skin.

Start Your Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Today

Anyone interested in a more beautiful or more youthful appearance should use these fantastic Youthlab products on a regular basis. If Raynee can look 20 years younger, so can you. Why not start the age reversal system today?


Biography on Raynee Ashman Steele

Raynee Ashman Steele
Raynee Steele at age 60
Recent picture of Raynee Steele at age 78

The skin care products in the Youthlabs Line have been formulated and manufactured by Raynee Ashman Steele, former Golddigger from The Dean Martin show on NBC, and The Gold-diggers in London.

I first started becoming interested in G-H3 in 1978 after reading Paavo Airola’s book “How To Get Well.” In his book he highly recommended G-H3, developed by Dr. Aslan in Romania, as the most researched and effective anti-aging supplement in the world.

At the time I was performing in television commercials and still doing work in television… I was so allergic to stage make-up that I was developing acne and boils under the surface of the skin. Nothing that I tried could remedy this condition and, in most cases, it would get even worse! I could not cover it up with make-up because it worsened the condition. I became frustrated and started grasping at straws.

It occurred to me that if G-H3 worked for so many other problems with the body that it may work on the skin. I started mixing it into a mild moisturizer that I was using, and I noticed a difference almost immediately. My friends were astonished and they started having me make skin care products for them!!!

Finally, one day my friends sat me down and encouraged me to formulate, manufacture and market my own skin care line…which I did after a few years of listening to them nag me about it.

I have been making skin care formulations since 1995 and received many testimonials from people who have tried everything available on the market and who have spent thousands of dollars going to plastic surgeons, aestheticians etc. My little bottles of skin care products accomplished what seemed to be the impossible. Now I am extremely grateful for my pushy friends who made it possible for me to help people with serious skin problems and prematurely aging skin.

I have lectured at anti-aging conventions, and hold private consultations with people who have nowhere else to turn, and come to me as a last resort!!! I can honestly say that I have been able to help every person who has come to me in despair over their skin woes!!!

My skin looks beautiful, and I am always told that I look 20 to 30 years younger in my actual age. I never touch foundation or powder to my face and neck and preach against the use of these two forms of make-up and refer to them as; “The skin’s true enemies.”

I use eye makeup and lipstick…that’s it. Blush is not even needed in most cases because the G-H3 stimulates circulation, and brings the blood closer to the skins surface, thereby pulling color into the face, creating a healthy rosy tone.

If a person takes G-H3 internally AND uses G-H3 skin care, I really believe they can experience the look of a 20+ year age difference just as I have. My philosophy: If G-H3 can preserve the body, then it can also preserve the skin…




Youthlabs Age Reversal System/ G-H3 Skin Care

by Raynee Ashman Steele, Youthlabs founder and president

Most of the products in our age reversal system contain the authentic G-H3 which was developed by world renowned geriatric specialist – Professor Ana Aslan, M.D., the former director of the Romanian National Institute of Aging.

Youthlabs is the only company in the USA to include this potent rejuvenative serum in its skin care products. The primary ingredient in most of our products, G-H3 is scientifically blended with other complementary skin replenishing nutrients to restore skin to a more youthful state. Our products stand alone in quality, integrity, and uniqueness. There are no comparable products on the market.

Because the face, head and neck areas get the least amount of circulation, skin tends to look dull and lifeless in aging systems. G-H3 brings the blood closer to the surface of the skin thereby stimulating needed circulation to these critical areas. This fabulous super-nutrient also reduces irritations due to allergies and other environmentally caused problems such as too much sun, air pollution, smoking, poor diet, and certain nutritional deficiencies.

Hyaluronic Acid is also an important ingredient in the youth labs products, as well as 100% Orange Oil.

 A natural polysaccharide Hyaluronic Acid occurs in various tissues and skin and joints. As we age, our body produces less and less of this essential ingredient. It is an extremely powerful humectant/moisturizer, which smoothens and softens the skin, and provides excellent anti-wrinkle effects. Hyaluronic Acid also promotes the growth of new skin cells after peelings and exfoliating. It is the big thing in skin care today and is fabulous. Youth labs product’s contain the smallest molecule hyaluronic acid which penetrates the dermis, the epidermis and the sub dermis. Hyaluronic acid is also used following skin cancer removals and treatments, producing positive results and they actually may ward off potential skin cancers when used regularly.

Orange oil is a natural preservative and oxygenator and serves to tighten the skin.

Our  age reversing products are soothing, refreshing and produce a strikingly youthful glow. It will work wonders for your complexion by bringing color and smooth clarity to your skin. Both men and woman claim noticeable improvements in a short time. Mostly everyone will see an immediate difference in skin texture so be prepared for the wealth of compliments you are about to receive.

Our product line previously consisted of several different specialty products: however, we have reduced it to just 2 incredible products, GH3 Moisture Mist and Lift and G-H3 Intensive Crème Serum for Smokers and Tanners (not limited to smokers and tanners but for all incidents of damaged skin or just to preserve healthy skin).

Great News: Another fantastic and complementary product is in development and will be introduced soon.