Cantron 'Total Wellness' Program

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This state of the art ‘Wellness Program’ is based upon the unique and inimitable Cantron Bioelectrical Wellness and Antioxidant Formula – plus synergistic adjunct products. These adjuncts serve to enhance Cantron’s powerful effects on the natural healing process and normal cellular function.

Although most people achieve excellent health results when taking Cantron by itself, these products may further help balance the body, support the immune system and lead to substantial health improvements. When battling serious health challenges, the select nutritional products in this comprehensive program are recommended to take along with Cantron in a broadened attempt to achieve ‘Total Wellness’ defined as a state of proper balance in the body where perfect health exists. To view our Wellness philosophy, click on About Us on the top Navigation bar then click on Our Wellness Philosophy.

Cantron is the most powerful nutritional supplement ever developed and now the Cantron ‘Total Wellness Program’ is the world’s most effective supplement protocol as well. The program was created by company president Jerome Godin based upon knowledge he accumulated during his 43 years of experience in the alternative medicine industry and 38 years manufacturing and distributing Cantron.

Every day our office is inundated with calls from people who are searching for their own adjuncts and ask if those adjuncts are compatible with Cantron. Our advice is to consider the many products in our ‘Total Wellness’ Program instead which we know are compatible and may have an additive or synergistic effect.

The Cantron Wellness Program is based on 5 products plus an optional 6th.
1. Cantron Liquid or capsules
2.Lapacho Herbal Extract
3. Aveloz Herbal Extract
4. Green Tea Extract
5. Megazyme Forte
6. Hydrazine Sulfate – very important because it supports normal metabolism, appetite and weight gain in seriously health challenged individuals. Please review the strict diet and medicinal restrictions before including this in the protocol. Note: Shark Liver Oil may be a powerful adjunct to hydrazine sulfate as it may have some of the same properties in regard to support normal metabolism and appetite.

If you wish to go even further with the Wellness protocol, we recommend 5 products from our immune support category that boost the immune system and promote natural healing. You can add 1 or more or all of these immune enhancers.

To view our entire immune support category, go to Shop all products and Categories on the navigation menu (top of page) and click on Immune System Support.

1. Shark Liver Oil -In addition to its immune enhancing benefits shark liver oil may have some of the same properties as hydrazine sulfate and could be used as an adjunct. (see above).
2.Dr. Willard’s Catalyst Altered Water
3. Bovine Colostrum
4. Germanium-132
5. Super OPC

It is also recommended to take 2,000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D daily, depending on the seriousness of the health condition. At the present time MRP does not carry vitamin D.

If there is any liver involvement or liver issues, we recommend 3 products from the Liver Wellness Program. It is difficult to heal when the liver is not functioning normally.

To view our completed Liver Wellness Category go to Shop all products and Categories on the navigation menu (top of page) and click on Liver Wellness.

1. Milk Thistle
2.Dandelion Root
3. L-Glutathione

This grouping of products differs from the Cellular Health grouping as It contains all products MRP offers which can improve cellular health; whereas, the Wellness Program is a targeted approach for serious health challenges caused by poor cellular health. Also this program does not include products which might conflict with Cantron.