Liver Wellness

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The liver is the largest and one of the most important glandular organs in the body. It is the principal site of metabolism. It is also the largest immune organ in the body. The liver is the source of Kupffer’s cells, which filter and destroy foreign bacteria, funguses, viruses, mycoplasma and cancerous cells. This organ is also a site where toxins in the body are neutralized. Waste products including urea, ammonia and carbon dioxide are removed. The liver breaks down blood cells and excretes waste products as bile to the Gall Bladder. Blood carrying the usable products of digestion flows to the liver, where nutrients are converted for energy storage to form amino acids (building blocks of protein), or metabolized to fatty acids.

Naturally as it is important in so many essential functions, good health is in a very large part, dependent upon a healthy functioning liver. If the liver is out of balance it affects the balance of the entire organism. Wellness simply cannot exist without a proper functioning liver. The good news, however, is that the liver is an organ that is capable of regeneration.

Because of the liver’s importance to overall health, we have developed the Liver Wellness program, which is designed to help purify and nutritionally bolster the liver in order to help promote proper functioning and regenerative function.