Dr Franks Hi-Power Nutrient Formula, 180 Capsules


The Multiple Vitamin/ Mineral Formula created by the Author of the ‘No Aging Diet.’ Featuring Nucleic Acid Therapy, Sulfur Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Resveratrol, R-Lipoic Acid, Astaxanthin, Lutein, Lycopene, Quercetin, and a wide range of Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes. The most complete multiple nutrient formula ever with 44 nutrients in total!


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Dr. Frank’s Hi-Power Formula

Increase your energy level and stay young with the No-Aging Supplement


Dr. Frank
Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, Author of the ‘No-Aging Diet’
This fabulous product was developed by Dr. Benjamin S. Frank along with his associate, Professor Carmen Fusco, an instructor in pharmacology. Dr. Frank was the originator of nucleic acid therapy and a pioneer in the practice of nutritional medicine.

During his 17 years of practice in New York, thousands of Dr. Frank’s patients were able to maintain health and youthful vigor. In 1976, Dr. Frank’s work received nationwide attention when his ‘No- Aging Diet Book’, based on treatment with this formula, became a best seller. Since 1980, Professor Fusco has been using the Hi- Power formula in her practice of clinical nutrition.

Now you can obtain the actual product which was researched and used in clinical practice – an extraordinary Hi-Power Nutrient Formula designed to increase energy levels and help protect against the ravages of premature aging.


This formula works better than any multi-nutrient formula on the market and provides ‘remarkable’ benefits. As one patient put it, “I’ve read all the health magazines and before the Hi-Power Nutrient, I was taking some 50 vitamins and minerals daily. Now I find that I have more energy and look better by taking only 6 tablets of Hi-Power Nutrient formula daily.”Ingredients of Dr. Frank’s Formula: Among the key features of the Hi-Power Supplement are: RNA (ribonucleic acids) for cell energy, Resveratrol, R-Lipoic Acid, Astaxanthin,  Lutein, Lycopene, Quercetin, and many other vitamins, minerals and enzymes -44 nutrients in total. There are 300 mg. of calcium to equal a glass of milk, and a well balanced group of B vitamins, minerals, sulfur amino acids and enzymes. Vitamin D is included to help calcium absorption, and for its function as a vitamin/hormone. These nutrients work together to fight free radicals, boost immunity, stimulate activity of the red and white blood cells, increase energy, neutralize toxins and repair cell damage.
Professor Carmen Fusco


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Originally, the Hi-Power supplement contained spleen, thymus, liver and placenta. The current formula contains no animal products, but resveratrol, lycopene and other phytonutrients for boosting the immune system. Other antioxidants, in addition to selenium include a buffered form of vitamin C, vitamin A, the carotenoids, vitamin E in two forms: 200 units of the best biologically available succinate form, and 200 units of mixed tocopherols, important for cardiovascular and cerebral circulation, SOD and catalase.

Doctor Frank’s Hi-Power Nutrient Formula contains the main ingredients of Dr.  Frank’s No-Aging diet – nucleotides. He believed that nucleic acids were vital for cellular health and essential for longevity. By enriching DNA and RNA, every cell in the body can be young again. His aim was to improve the health of the entire body rather than one organ or one disease at a time.

Dr. Benjamin S. Frank was born in 1923 and became a physician in New York City. He was both a practicing medical doctor and a PhD molecular biologist. This fact made him uniquely qualified to study nucleic acids from both practical and theoretical perspectives. From the 1950s through the mid-1970s, Dr. Frank pioneered the use of dietary nucleic acids for therapeutic purposes in aging and degenerative diseases.

Doctor Frank noticed that The DNA of elderly persons are not the same as younger persons. The DNA is degraded. Every time DNA reproduces itself; the replicated DNA becomes more degraded in a similar way as making a copy of a copy of a copy on a photo copying machine. He believed this degradation of the DNA eventually leads to age-related cancer and diseases. Consequently, Dr. Frank believed older people have an even higher requirement for nucleic acids than younger people. Thus, the older we get, the greater our need for nucleic acids, both for replacement and for repair.

Frank believed that providing RNA and associated compounds would aid in the repair of damaged DNA. He actually observed anti-aging effects of nucleic acids on whole man, supporting the claims regarding the value of increased intake of nucleic acids in the prevention and treatment of cellular degeneration.”

Dr. Frank reports many health building, rejuvenating, and anti-aging effects of dietary nucleic acids. Direct benefits he observed include:

  • Significant increase in “energy” or activity
    • Anti-anoxic effects (i.e., reduced shortness of breath)
    • Improved capacity to tolerate low temperatures
    • Reduced skin wrinkling and increased skin elasticity
    • Better cognitive performance
    • Enhanced immunity

Scientists nowadays accept that dietary nucleotides result in several health benefits, mostly to do with the immune system. However, some studies indicate that nucleotide supplements could have far more reaching benefits including the slowing down of the aging process, life extension, and slowing down age-related neurological degeneration. There is fascinating evidence that shows that exogenous nucleotides can significantly improve memory function in mice, and enhance at least one central nervous system neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.

One thing that struck many doctors about Dr. Franks’ patients who followed the diet was how young they looked compared to their physiological age. Dr. Frank recorded the multiple health benefits of high levels of dietary nucleic acids in hundreds of his patients in his book, ‘The No-Aging Diet’. Supplementary nucleotides play many essential roles in tissue repair and slowing down the aging process. One of their contributions is to make the skin look younger since dietary nucleotides promote new skin cell growth and rejuvenation.

Dr. Frank did not discount the approaches recommended by other researchers—he believed, however, that their methods (i.e., antioxidants, cross-linkage inhibitors) would not be effective unless combined with adequate amounts of RNA. He believed that the nucleotides should be taken with a complete multi-vitamin regimen.


The Hi-Power capsules are taken in divided doses with meals. Recommended dose is six capsules a day, although one or two twice a day will provide considerable benefits.


Role of Antioxidants against Viruses, Bacteria and Germ Warfare

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