Scam Alert: Two fraudulent websites ( and are offering Cantron liquid on the Internet with no intention of fulfilling the order. Do not order from these companies. You will lose your money and receive nothing.

Please be alerted that we have discovered two fraudulent websites (which are obviously operated by the same entity) offering Cantron liquid at the ridiculously low price of $36.45. These companies have no intention filling your order but taking your money and not delivering any product. We are the exclusive manufacturer of Cantron, and I can assure you we do not sell the product to these fraudulent companies. Further investigation shows that they also sell other products on their website like lawnmowers, pool chemicals, clothing and they never deliver the orders, according to consumer complaints.

The fitshead store uses a phone number with a northern Florida area code which always rings busy and an address in Memphis TN which is a private home.

The fastenane store uses a phone number with a Fort Worth TX area code and a Carlsbad, California address which is also a private home. When you call the phone number a message states that the customer is not available to receive calls.

You can read the reports on these two companies below:

Again do not buy Cantron or any other product from these websites unless you wish to lose your money. If you have ordered from either one of these websites, contact your credit card provider immediately and report that you have been defrauded.