the liquid answer for a liquid planet… a normalizer of all living things
Dr. Willard’s Water, also known as Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) is a concentrate that is added to distilled water. It was invented by Dr. John Willard, Sr., Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the South Dakota School of Mining and Technology.
When Dr. Willard’s Water was featured on the CBS program 60 minutes in 1980, that investigative documentary created widespread national attention in this incredible discovery and invention. Also, in 1980 there was a hearing conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives, Select Committee on Aging, Subcommittee on Health and Long-Term Care. A full transcript of the explosive hearing was made and can be obtained from the government printing office. This transcript contains the actual testimonials of people who under oath made claims that by using this catalyst altered water, they experienced incredible health benefits for themselves and their animals. It quotes doctors who used the water in their practices and scientists who claimed to have tested it.


The Discovery

In the early 1960s, Dr. Willard was experimenting with water, adding various minerals and trace minerals to it to increase its solvent capabilities. Then one day a serendipitous event occurred. During his research, Doc received a severe burn on his hand. To ease the pain, he immersed his hand in the only volume of water that was available: a dilute solution of his Catalyst Altered Water. To his surprise, the pain stopped, and no blistering of the hand occurred. This began the long research into the properties of his Water.


.Dr. Willard’s Health Improvements

Dr. Willard had been ‘gassed’ in the war and suffered from extreme dosages of radiation while carrying on investigations for the armed services (he worked on the Manhattan project) and suffered from very poor health. In fact, his health was so severely affected he reached the point where he could barely carry on his scientific work.

Soon the good doctor used his own water. The water left him feeling much better and able to work again.

The word spread. Thousands of people used it on themselves and on their farm animals. Note: Willards Water can also be used to help plants and crops grow bigger, better, and faster.

Natural Stress Relief
Dr. Willard said that catalyst altered water acts as a normalizer on all living things and promotes more rapid healing. Any living thing that is under stress is in an abnormal state. If there is stress in the bloodstream, the blood cannot properly carry oxygen or carry out most of its vital functions (Dr. Willard reports that CAW increases blood circulation). “Every living thing has a built-in defense mechanism to help it survives stress. Catalyst Altered Water seems to have the property of revitalizing and stimulating the effectiveness of this natural defense system on all living things.”
Properties of CAW
CAW is essentially a dilute water solution containing certain electrolytes that gives it amazing properties. It is simply water that has had its molecular structure altered or organized. This altered structure seems to make the water “wetter” and better able to work with tremendous efficiency. It helps to decrease the surface tension of water which allows a greater permeability into every cell of the body and hard to reach areas such as the lymph system.

In the senate hearing Dr. Willard stated the following: “When you look at this planet Earth, this is a water world. Three-quarters of its surface is covered with water. All living things, at least on the surface of the Earth, are water oriented. Man himself spends time in his mother’s womb as a sea animal up until the time to water breaks. Seventy percent of our bodies right now is water. In the young it is 90 to 95%. It is essential for the growth of all plants and animals.”

Water itself is so commonplace, that many people take it for granted It is the liquid that falls out of the sky, fills lakes, rivers, and oceans and comes out of our faucets on demand. Because we’re so familiar with water, we often overlooked its overwhelming importance to life itself, which can be stated very simply: without water there is no life.

Since the body is composed of 70% water, this enhanced characteristic of CAW greatly improves the natural functioning of the entire organism. Chemical reactions responsible for life processes cannot take place without water. By making water more reactive, the reactions taking place in living tissue are facilitated. If these reactions take place more easily and efficiently the quality of life improves.

Another possible explanation for the effectiveness of catalyst altered water lies in the study of the cell. Using a device called the FONAR to study the structure of the molecules in living cells, scientists have discovered that the water inside the cell differs from ordinary liquid water. It appears to exist in a semi-crystalline structure, less solid than ice but more solid than liquid water. Dr. Willard believed that his concentrate gives ordinary water a similar structure, with similar biological characteristics as those in living cells.

Promotes Greater Nutrients Assimilation

“Nutrient intake, nutrient absorption and body retention of nutrients are all essential for building human and animal health,” says Dr. Willard.

CAW serves to enhance the assimilation of all nutrients including those recommended in our ‘Wellness Program.’ Dr. Willard gave one example regarding the B vitamins. He stated that 18 to 20% of B vitamins are normally assimilated by the body, but when taken with a glass of Willard’s Water, the assimilation increases to 80 or 85%.

A test on the stools of fine Arabian horses indicated that almost 100 percent of the grain eaten is digested, demonstrating that Willard’s water also helps the assimilation of food as well as supplements.

Nutrients we take in are not only carried by water to the body cells, but waste is also carried away by water as the transporting vehicle. Therefore, Willard’s Water also aids in the body’s waste elimination process.

Facilitates Production Of Proteins
One of the normal functions of cells is the production of protein. Proteins plays a vital role in cell metabolism. The cell itself produces the protein by using other proteins, namely DNA and RNA. When cells were cultured in a CAW based tissue fluid, they produced significantly more proteins than control cells which were cultured in ordinary water.

There are 2 proteins that have a vital part in maintaining the structural integrity of the body. They are collagen and elastin. CAW has a profound effect upon production of these 2 important proteins. For this reason, Willard’s Water can also yield a cosmetic effect – helping to firm the skin by building tissue from beneath and giving it more elasticity as well.


Scientific labs found Willard’s Water to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic and with no harmful effects.
Other Benefits
Tissue culture tests found that CAW increases the life span of cells. It was tested against ordinary water as a control. The cells which were treated with CAW were extended from 15 to 100 percent (depending on the cell tested) indicating up to a doubling of the life span of cells.  Willard’s Water is a potentiator, i.e., it makes other medications and vitamins more potent. In many cases people can reduce their prescription medicines in half which can reduce side effects (only do this with the advice of your doctor).
Willard’s water causes reduction in temporary swelling and bleeding in incisions and wounds. Swelling according to Dr. Willard occurs when physical damage is done to the system, permitting the flow of fluid into the area than a restriction of the normal flow away from that area. “My best guess is that the application of CAW to the area restores the damaged nerves to full operation, permitting the smooth muscle to pump the fluid away from the area.”

The U.S. Bureau of Mines has found evidence of natural fungicides, bactericides and natural antibiotics and may have a synergistic effect when used with antibiotics and disinfectants.

In 1984, a Canadian poultry producer conducted an experiment by adding Willard’s Water to the drinking water in some of his chicken houses. It was found that the treated chickens ate less feed, gained more weight, had fewer mortalities, needed fewer antibiotics, were less ‘fretful’ than the untreated birds. Another poultry producer found that Willard’s water resulted in increased egg production, improved fertility, reduced chick mortality and faster growth.

A kennel at the Black Hills Greyhound Racetrack was struck by a virus. The dogs began receiving Willard’s water and not only did they appear to be freed of the virus, but they’ve immediately began winning more and more races than they ever had in the past. Three weeks later the kennel jumped from 8th place in the standings to 3rd as the victories kept mounting. They took the dogs off Willard’s water and they stopped winning races. After putting them back on the water they started winning once again.

The same kennel also found that CAW reduced aggressive behavior in the animals. Two of the dogs that were always fighting started behaving themselves and when taking them off CAW, their aggressive behavior returned. Dr. Willard reported that this is because Willard’s Water helps to reduce stress on the system.

There is only one patented copyrighted catalyst altered water – Dr. Willard’s. We are licensed to carry the authentic original product with Dr. Willard’s picture on it.



Add one ounce to one gallon of water. Drink at least one quart per day, preferably 1⁄2 gallon or more.

Dietary Supplement Use Only! This product is not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.