Cantron Electrolyte and Antioxidant Formula

… for healthy cell functioning

Cantron Capsules

Two spectacular improvements

The Amazing Bioelectrical
Wellness Formula Just
Got Much Better!!


In the New and Improved “Advanced Scientific Formulation”  


 much higher concentration of nutritional ingredients

And Best of All……..


…Now Available in

Capsule form!

(In the New, Improved, More Potent “Advanced Scientific Version”)

Patents-pending freeze-dried process utilized
to make encapsulation of the authentic product possible.
All active ingredients remain intact.


Two Exciting New Improvements Make the World’s Most Effective Wellness Formulation Even Better!!!



  • Easier to travel with or to bring to work
  • Greater ease of compliance with the stringent chronic dosage requirements
  • More appealing to healthy people who wish to take Cantron® for preventive purposes, as well as those with compromised health conditions.

What is the difference between the “Advanced Scientific Version, and other versions of Cantron or other variations such as Entelev, Cancell, or Protocel?

The new improved formulation came as a result of eight long years of intense scientific research and analysis of present and past formulations. A Significant amount of scientific studies were conducted on the formula and on each individual component by some of the world’s top medical research scientists.

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