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Two spectacular improvements

The Amazing Bioelectrical Wellness Formula Just Got Much Better!!

Cantron® In the New and Improved "Advanced Scientific Formulation"    

  • enhanced bioelectrical/electrochemical potential
  • substantially more effective upon all species of health damaging free radicals       
  • better eradicator of damaged proteins caused by free radicals  
  • higher scores on all IC50 in-vitro cell lines tested
  • much greater concentration of active ingredients

And Best of All........

Finally after 24 years...

Authentic Cantron® is Now Available in Capsule form!
(In the New, Improved, More Potent "Advanced Scientific Version")

Patented and patent pending freeze-dried process utilized
to make encapsulation of the authentic product possible. 
All active ingredients remain intact.

Two Exciting New Improvements Make the World's Most Effective Wellness Formulation Even Better!!!

  • No more unpleasant tasting liquid
  • No more messy staining of teeth, clothing, carpets and luggage
  • Easier to travel with or to bring to work
  • Greater ease of compliance with the stringent chronic dosage requirements
  • More appealing to healthy people who wish to take Cantron® for preventive purposes, as well as those with compromised health conditions.
  • A significantly more potent scavenger of dangerous free radicals and of mutated, damaged or foreign proteins which are responsible for severe illness.  Removal of these dangerous particles can lead to vastly improved health conditions even in persons with severe health challenges

Freeze - Dried Cantron

What is the difference between the "Advanced Scientific Version, and other versions of Cantronor other variations such as Entelev, Cancell, or Protocel?

The new improved formulation came as a result of eight long years of intense scientific research and analysis of present and past formulations. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scientific studies were conducted on the formula and on each individual component by some of the world's top medical research scientists.

Equally important, a great deal of analysis of the formula was performed by some of the country's top biochemists. The team of scientists who contributed to this research learned how to increase the activity significantly on the IC50 cell lines that were tested and on all species of health damaging free radicals. The new version has "off the chart" antioxidant values as compared to the other versions and variations. 

In fact, on the most dangerous free radical of all -the hydroxyl radical-Cantron ASV is 580% more effective than Protocel and 488% more effective than the Cantron "New Millennium Version", which previously scored the highest of all versions and variations! The ASV version is also the most effective version against dangerous peroxyl lipo and peroxyl hydro radicals as well! In addition, ASV scores very high on peroxynitrite radicals and superoxide radicals. The older versions and variations have not been tested on these other 2 dangerous radicals in order to make a comparison, but every indication is that it is much more potent on these dangerous free radicals as well.

The ASV version also solves the problem of the "see-saw effect", which I observed when we tested various versions of Cantron and other variations such as Entelev, Cancell and Protocel for their antioxidant properties in 2003. It was observed that when one of the versions or variations had higher scores on the peroxyl radicals, its scores on hydroxyl radicals were lower and vice versa. Like a see-saw, when one side went up the other went down. For example, prior to ASV, the New Millennium Cantron had the highest scores on the most dangerous radical- the hydroxyl radical, but its scores on peroxyl radicals were lower than most other versions and variations. Conversely, The Original Cantron had the highest scores on peroxyl radicals, but was among the lowest scores against hydroxyl radicals. ASV has the highest scores against peroxyl radicals and the highest scores by a wide margin on hydroxyl radicals.
The New Millennium Version contains a higher concentration of one of the ingredients, which made it better than all previous versions and variations. But the Advanced Scientific Version has significantly higher concentrations of all important ingredients. Our biochemistry analysts have determined that the actual yields of quinones and cyclopentenes of all of the previous versions and variations were just a small fraction of Jim Sheridan's proposed theoretical yield. The concentrations of these important ingredients have been increased by 140% due to a significant alteration to the manufacturing process, which was designed specifically to obtain a higher yield.  More importantly, the chemical containing the vast majority of antioxidant activity and activity in our IC50 cell lines has been increased by a staggering 175%. 

Brunswick Laboratories conducted a test of the number of phenolic compounds in both the New Millennium formula and the Advanced Scientific Formula. Most of the active components in the Cantron formula are phenolics. The phenolic count of NM was measured at a very high 86,659.24 mg/ml. ASV, however, scored a whopping 134,676.20 mg/ml, 155% of the amount contained in NM. In fact, ASV has a much higher phenolic count than all previous versions and variations (note: Cantron does not contain free form phenols).

Why has a new formulation been created when the “New Millennium Version” of Cantron® has been so successful in dramatically improving health in humans and animals?

As the founder of Cantron®, I have continuously strived to improve the formulation and have made a personal vow to never rest until 100% of all users receive complete wellness-a state in which illness cannot exist. As a consequence, costly research and analysis was conducted and is still ongoing. MRP does not change its formula whimsically. Prior to this, our only change was in September of 1999 when the New Millennium Version was adopted over the Original Version of Cantron (1984 to 1999). This first change in 1999 was made in order to increase the level of one of the important active ingredients. As is the case with the New Millennium Version, those who took the Original Version also continue to report outstanding results from this product which they took more than a decade or two ago; however, we have observed a slightly higher success rates with the NM Version.

Therefore, it was a difficult decision to make a new formulation in light of the success of the NM Version, just as it was difficult in 1999 to change from the Original Cancell equivalent formulation which also had great success. But the glaringly positive results of the scientific research we conducted on ASV could not be ignored any longer. It became clear that this new formulation was significantly better than all other versions including NM and by a wide margin.  I decided that ASV had to be introduced to the public so even greater results and greater success rates could be achieved in regard to improving challenging health conditions.

A Significant Event Also Helped Shape the Decision:

In addition to the scientific research results, a significant event occurred when I tried to sample the first batch of ASV.  I and my brother Gary sampled the liquid version of ASV on a previous occasion and found that it had an even stronger taste than the already unpleasant tasting NM Version.  Because of that, I strongly considered not putting this version on the market, despite its increased potency. A few days later as I was pondering which direction to take I decided to sample the taste of ASV again. As I was sitting at a desk in my office, I attempted to take a swig from an 8 ounce bottle that was half full. But before the bottle even reached my lips, I heard a loud crackling sound like the sound of a stun gun being discharged and the electrical current actually shocked my lips so strongly that it knocked me backwards in my chair. I caught myself just in time before falling. My niece, Darlene, who worked at the office, heard the loud crackling sound from 10 feet away and rushed out of her chair to try to catch me, but I had already prevented my fall before she could get there.

When I was a salesman in training over 38 years ago, I learned the saying; "sell the sizzle not the steak."  I laughed to myself thinking, the product that I was about to sell actually did sizzle (and my lips sizzled as well). Whether this was some type of sign to follow or not, one thing was very clear to me; this version carried a much higher electrical charge than all previous versions and variations. I then thought to myself; "Well, the bioelectrical wellness formula just got much better."

The bioelectrical nature of this product along with its antioxidant and cellular reduction properties is what makes it so effective upon energy challenged anaerobic cells and is the theoretical mechanism which helps remove damaged, foreign and mutated proteins from the system. With much greater electrical potential, much greater results should be expected.  This dramatic event altered my thinking and possibly altered the history of Cantron“.  It convinced me that I had to introduce this product at all costs, especially in light of all the scientific evidence to support it.

After having decided to introduce the new version, I still needed to sample the taste, but I was extremely afraid of putting the bottle to my mouth again. I had an aversion-reflex action and couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried. I concluded that the electrical reaction was aided by the liquid in the bottle traveling a long distance and creating a static electrical charge along the way. So I poured some liquid in a small measuring cup and was successful in consuming it. As soon as I swallowed it I could feel a powerful rush going straight to my brain. It made me a little lightheaded for a few minutes. This proved to me that this new formulation rapidly absorbs and passes the blood brain barrier-an extremely important occurrence for any medicinal product. I did not ever receive the same degree of effect from the NM formula. ASV had a much more powerful and much more immediate effect upon me and I believe accordingly, that it will have a more powerful affect on one's health condition. But I still had concerns about the taste of this liquid, whether clients would receive the same electric shock that I received and get scared, and whether lightheadedness would also turn people away. I also had one other important concern. The new formula is slightly more acidic than the previous formulations. Since many people take Cantron“ sublingually and hold it in their mouth for several minutes, I feared that it would burn the mouth tissues. Of course, I could adjust the pH, but I believed that step would alter the powerful bioelectrical effect inherent in the formula. The team of scientists I work with had been talking about freeze-drying the Cantron“ and three patents were filed on this new improved form of administration. So I figured that now was the perfect time to introduce the freeze-dried capsules but only in the new Advanced Scientific Version. Encapsulation solves the many problems associated with the oral liquid version of ASV and it marries two great improvements together.

Is the “New Millennium Version” still available?

Yes, but only in the oral liquid. We are keeping this version available as many traditionalists who have seen wonders from this formula might be reluctant to convert to the new version; because some people use the liquid for other applications such as sublingual use; and because some people won't be able to afford the more expensive ASV version. At the present time, ASV will not be available in the oral liquid. Only in capsules!

Why does the capsule version of the ASV formula costs 33% more than the 'New Millennium Version?'

There is much more cost in making the ASV version. There is almost twice as much in material and labor costs, new lab and equipment costs, novel costs such as freeze-drying and transporting the liquid, blending milling and grinding the powder, and the encapsulation process itself. Also the significant amount of science that was conducted has to be paid for and the scientific group that helped develop this formula is to receive a percentage of gross sales in order to cover these research costs. I feel that the improvements greatly outweigh the extra expense.  After all, "Health is Wealth", isn't it? Thank you and enjoy Cantron® ASV in the new capsule form.  We look forward to serving you continually in the future. Be well!

Jerome Godin, Founder of Medical Research Products and the Cantron® Bioelectrical Wellness Formula.

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