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Explaining Our New Millennium Cantron Label

Cantron is the brand name for our enhanced version of the Entelev formula which was invented by James Vincent Sheridan, a brilliant chemist and wonderful humanitarian.

Mr. Sheridan credits his discovery in part to his advanced studies in chemistry, a chance event in the laboratory and in part to a dream which he believes came from divine inspiration.

Our New Millennium Cantron label is a depiction of the 3 events which inspired the creation and development of Entelev (a.k.a. Cantron and Cancell) as told by Mr. Sheridan.

* Event # One:

In 1931, Jim Sheridan was working in an analytical chemistry lab. He was at a step in the process which resulted in a beaker full of yellow colored liquid.
A student asked him, “Is that color due to chromate?”
Sheridan: “yes”
Student: “How can you change that color?”
Sheridan: “Just add an acid. It will produce a bright red color.”
Student: “What acid?”
Sheridan: “Any acid. Here I’ll show you.”

Jim went to the shelf of acids, picked one at random and added it to the yellow liquid. He got the surprise of his life! The liquid broke into 6 bands of color- the rainbow colors in rainbow order, Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Violet.

As Jim described it, “the boys eyes popped out and my eyes double popped out!” The entire class and several professors gathered around. Others in the class tried the experiment and it worked. However, no other acid worked.

One of the professors said, “That looks like a case of rhythmic banding where the width of each band will be 2.7 times the width of the band above it.” They measured the bands. Indeed it was true.

* Event # Two:
About one month after the ‘rhythmic banding’ event, Jim began a long term research project on The Debye Theory which had been published in 1927. His task was to check out the validity of the theory which dealt with respiratory enzymes. He spent 3 years studying and doing research experiments on the Debye Theory.

* Event # Three:
On the afternoon of September 6, 1936 Jim Sheridan had a dream while taking a nap. The dream brought together the event of the rainbow in the beaker and his work on the Debye Theory. In the dream, the layers of the rainbow represented the respiratory enzymes of the cell. Each color represented an enzyme at a specific redox level in the cell.
The electrons from the Debye theory represented the energy units in the respiration moving from glucose to oxygen via the respiratory system. Somehow the dream suggested to Mr. Sheridan the possibility of enhancing the proper pathway of energy flow and energy production in the respiratory system to promote healthy cell functioning.

Our Label

The colors on this label represents the rhythmic banding in the beaker and of course the corresponding rainbow in Mr. Sheridan’s dream.

The electron represents the Debye Theory and the electrical nature of the Cantron Formula.

The cross represents the belief that Mr. Sheridan’s dream was divinely inspired. Mr. Sheridan was a devout Christian. In the nature of true Christian brotherhood, Mr. Sheridan wanted people of all classes, creeds, races and ethnic backgrounds to have access to his formulation at an affordable price.

Since Mr. Sheridan believed that this dream was divinely inspired, he refused to receive any compensation for this idea. Despite urging him to accept a royalty from the sales of my Cantron formula, he firmly declined on more than one occasion. Jim Sheridan freely gave this formula as a gift to all the peoples of the world.

What is New Millennium Cantron?

Entelev (Cantron/Cancell) is a technology that has always evolved and is still evolving, regularly undergoing slight modifications to the ratios of ingredients and manufacturing procedures.

Even when I first received the original 8 page manufacturing instructions from Mr. Sheridan in 1984 through Don Wilson and our volunteer chemists - Orval Feather and Ed Sopcak - some changes in the ratios of ingredients were instituted even before we produced the very first batch. Feather and Sopcak also made a slight change to the manufacturing process with the approval Mr. Sheridan. This modification was used in Mr. Sopcak’s Cancell formula and the Cantron formula for many years.

Ed Sopcak and Jim Sheridan collaborated on further minor changes during the 1980's which we, of course, adapted. In late 1998 and early 1999 three slight changes were made to the manufacturing procedures of Cantron as were directed by a consulting chemist.

In August of 1999 further modifications to the ratios and manufacturing procedures have advanced this formula to a new level. This change is the latest step in the evolutionary process of our product and is the basis for our New Millennium version of Cantron. New Millennium Cantron is the most potent version of Entelev ever manufactured.

New Millennium Cantron is more than just the technological changes which were recently made. It is my promise that Medical Research Products- as we have since 1984 when we first brought you this product - will continue to advance this technology, provide you with the best quality product possible and will manufacture it under the best conditions throughout this new century. Although our current formulation is dramatically improving the health of the vast majority of users, we will continue to evolve this formula until 100% of all users receive the desired benefits to their health condition.

Be Well!

Jerome Godin, president


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